Course Listings

Core Courses

The program has two core courses that are of general interest to all potential students, disregarding their chosen track. CPMS 5101 Introduction to Clinical Physiology and Movement Science provides a set of core skills necessary to evaluate and to conduct research in clinical physiology or movement science. This course will serve as an "anchor" course for the program and will be required for all students seeking a minor or certificate.

ID Credits Name
CPMS 5101
3 Introduction to Clinical Physiology and Movement Science
    One of the following:
KIN 5987 1 - 2 Professional Skills and Grant Writing for Health Sciences or equivalent
PUBH 6348 2 Writing Research Grants [1]
PUBH 6673 1 Grant Writing for Public Health
NURS 5925 1 Grant Writing and Critique (online course)


Elective Courses

The following courses are currently offered by a number of graduate programs and will serve as course electives for the graduate minor and certificate program. They are being taught by faculty who will participate in the proposed program as part of their on-going University teaching responsibilities. Any course listed below that is taken as part of a specific graduate degree program cannot count as a course elective for the graduate minor or the certificate program.

ID Credit Name Frequency
BMEN 5201 3 Advanced Biomechanics Fall, every year
CPMS 5201 1 Colloquium in Clinical Physiology and Movement Science Fall, every year
KIN 5122 3 Applied Exercise Physiology Fall, Spring, every year
KIN 5141 3 Nutrition for Exercise and Physical Performance Fall, every year
KIN 5235 3 Advanced Biomechanics II: Kinetics Spring in even years
KIN 5385 3 Exercise for Disease Prevention and Management Spring, every year
KIN 5485 3 Advanced Electrocardiogram Interpretation Spring, every year
KIN 5585 2 Pediatric Physiology and Health: Concepts and Applications Summer, every year
KIN 5941 3 Clinical Movement Neuroscience Spring in odd years
KIN 8122 3 Seminar: Exercise Physiology  
KIN 8132 3 Seminar: Motor Development Spring in odd years
KIN 8135 3 Seminar: Motor Control and Learning Spring in even years
KIN 8211 3 Seminar: Perception and Action Fall, every year
NURS 5222 3 Advanced Physiology Fall, every year
NURS 8171 3-4 Research Design and Methods: Qualitative Spring, every year
NURS 8173 / SAPH 8173 3 Principles and Methods of Implementing Research Fall, every year
NURS 8175 3 Research Design and Methods: Quantitative Fall, every year
OT 5393 4 Functional Anatomy and Kinesiology Every spring in hybrid format; contact Dr. Mathiowetz for further information
OTOL 5993 1-3 Directed Studies  
OTOL 8239 2 Otoneurology [2] Spring
OTOL 8244 1 Current Literature Seminar [3] Spring
PUBH 6320 3 Fundamentals of Epidemiology Fall, every year
PUBH 6341 3 Epidemiological Methods 1 Fall, every year
PUBH6342 3 Epidemiological Methods 2 Spring, every year
PUBH 7415 3 Introduction to Clinical Trials - online Fall, every year
PUBH 7420 3 Clinical Trials: Design, Implementation, and Analysis Spring, every year
RSC 5135 3 Advanced Biomechanics I: Kinematics Fall, every year
RSC 5814 2 Age, Exercise, and Rehabilitation Fall, every year
RSC 5841 4 Rehabilitation Science Instrumentation and Methodology Spring in odd years
RSC 8130 1 Current Literature Seminar Summer, every year
RSC 8135 3 Advanced Kinesiology Fall, every year
RSC 8170 1-3 Special Topics in Rehabilitation Science Contact faculty members
RSC 8282 4 Problems in Human Movement Spring in even years; contact course instructor

[1] Prerequisite: [6341 or 8341], [6450 or 7401]

[2] Prerequisite: Background in motor control or biomedical engineering or #.

[3] Prerequisite: Background in motor control or biomedical engineering or #.