Program Description

The Center for Clinical Movement Science offers two interdisciplinary academic programs in the area of Clinical Physiology and Movement Science.

The first program is an innovative free-standing graduate minor that is available to University of Minnesota graduate students. Offering a uniquely interdisciplinary program in a new, emerging field of study, the Master’s or Doctoral Minor in Clinical Physiology and Movement Science is designed for graduate students in clinical, engineering, nursing, public health, and medical fields who are interested in the clinical aspects of physiology and movement science.

The second program is a post-baccalaureate certificate program that is aimed at DNP and MD fellows in nursing and medicine as well as professionals in clinical fields such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. In addition, engineers working in the area of medical technology or medical device development are potential addresses.

The interdisciplinary coursework combines physiology and movement science with clinical skills for research, the diagnoses, and assessment of disease conditions.

Students have the option to tailor the program to their individual needs and interest. They may select from a list of over 30 courses developed by faculty with a rich collective expertise from across the University, the programs offer students a choice of two tracks: Clinical Physiology and Clinical Movement Science. Download the respective documents below to get more specific information.

For a detailed list of courses, information on enrollment as well as the degree requirements, download:

Courses and Credit Requirements

The minimum credit requirements will be 12 credits for a PhD minor, 12 credits for a post-baccalaureate certificate, and 9 credits for a Master’s minor. The program has four dedicated “core” courses and the students are required to take 2 courses. KIN 5987 Professional Skills and Grant Writing for Health Sciences (or equivalent) , will be required for a PhD minor for a total of 2 credits, unless an equivalent course already had been taken or the student can document previous grant writing experience. The course, CPMS 5101 Introduction to Clinical Physiology and Movement Science serves as a required core course for all students seeking a minor or certificate. Additional elective courses will be selected in consultation with the faculty advisor and approved by the Director of Graduate Studies (DGS), in order to satisfy the requirements for the minor or the certificate. The specific courses chosen will depend on the background and goals of each individual student. The courses cover two focus areas, allowing the students to select a track in Clinical Physiology or a track in Clinical Movement Science. Sample programs that fulfill the minimum requirements for a PhD minor, a Master's minor, and a Certificate are shown here.

How to Apply?

Students wishing to pursue a graduate minor must be currently enrolled in a graduate degree program at the University of Minnesota. Students wishing to pursue the certificate program must have completed a bachelor degree, preferably in an allied health sciences or natural science field. If the individual is applying for a certificate and is not currently enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Minnesota, then two letters of support will be requested and a GPA of 3.0 or greater (or equivalent if there were a different student evaluation system) for the person’s previous graduate program will serve as the operational standard. For certificate applicants whose native language is not English, the Graduate School requirements for language proficiency will have to be met (currently the minimum scores required are: 550 TOEFL written, 213 TOEFL computer based, 79 TOEFL internet based). An admissions committee will process all applications. All applicants admitted for a postbaccalaureate certificate will be responsible for providing their own source of funding to pay for tuition and expenses. Applicants for the certificate program who hold bachelor degrees in unrelated fields may be considered at the discretion of the admissions committee. There is no formal deadline for admissions. Applications will be processed as they are submitted.

Download Application Materials:

Application forms shall be mailed to:

Dr. Jürgen Konczak, Director of Graduate Studies Center for Clinical Movement Science
1900 University Avenue S.E., Minneapolis, MN 55455
Tel.: (612) 624.4370  |  Email: [email protected]