The Center for Clinical Movement Science invites interested faculty and graduate students to become members of the Center.

Information on Membership

Full member: All University of Minnesota faculty participating in the program can receive full member status. Full member status includes student-related responsibilities and participation in program and Center governance such as membership in the admission or the executive committees.

Associate member: External professionals, who do not hold graduate status in any of the University departments associated with the Center, can apply for associate membership. Associate member status includes student-related responsibilities with limited participation in program or Center governance. Associate members may serve on the executive committee, but shall not serve as Director of Graduate Studies (DGS) or on the admissions committee for the graduate programs administered by the Center.

Student member: The Center very much encourages student membership. Student members provide valuable input to the Center community. Student members can serve on the colloquium and the executive committees, but shall not serve as DGS or on the admissions committee. Student membership ends with completion of the degree program, but can be converted to associate or full membership upon request. Criteria for full and associate membership include:

  1. holding an appropriate graduate degree,
  2. demonstration of consistent scholarship in the areas of Clinical Physiology and/or Clinical Movement Science through publications and presentations at local and national professional and scientific meetings and/or
  3. relevant professional expertise in clinical practice or industry. Members will maintain regular contact with the graduate program by participating in the program’s scheduled events, committee assignments and governance (as determined by member status).

Student memberships will be open-ended but subject to a 5-year review by the executive committee. Criteria for a student membership include:

  1. being enrolled in a graduate degree program at the University of Minnesota,
  2. demonstration of participation in research and scholarship broadly related to Clinical Physiology and/or Clinical Movement Science.